The landscape days initiative in Vrsar Municipality was organized on several days during November and December 2021. Each initiative focused on landscape promotion for different target public with the main objective to enhance the knowledge, the love and the respect of citizens and visitors for the heritage of the partner’s area.

The event “A day in the Kontija forest: understanding our landscape for fostering our identity”,  included  activities for children as workshops focused on nature-inspired technology: “What seed have inspired the helicopter flight?”, “Whose skin mimics the fuselage?”. The adults, through making their own plant terrarium in a jar, remembered the notions of photosynthesis and learned the different types of soils. Hikers found out which are the most common plants in Kontija forest, what kind of acorn has the pubescent oak and what the Quercus cerris oak is, what are the benefits of ivy on human health and which parts of it are poisonous. The hiking trail ended in one of the most beautiful sites of the Kontija forest – the Mukaba viewpoint – that offers a great view of the protected significant landscape of the Lim Bay slopes.

The main landscape day event “LANDSCAPE DAY – A shared vision of the landscape area for sustainable tourism” was divided into three sessions. The first session was structured as a plenary conference and thematic table discussion for representatives of the public sector and experts in the field of tourism, nature protection, culture and heritage preservation to participate.

The second session of Landscape day main event was the conference on “Sustainable tourism in practice. The value of a common vision of development through the green transition”. The target audience of the conference were tourist organizations of the surrounding area and the region.

The third session of the Landscape day was directed to representatives of the civil sector (associations, education institutions) and representatives of SMEs in tourism, especially private accommodation renters. The session was structured as a round table where the ADRILINK project was presented as well as key concepts of landscape tourism, best practices and significant examples and the idea of the LIC.

The online Landscape day events included an online event involving the scientific community of the University of Zagreb and another one with the University of Pula.