After an active summer season in municipality of Mošćenička Draga, a well-known Croatian tourist destination, autumn created an intensive working atmosphere in ADRILINK project. In cooperation with the local community, local stakeholders relevant for design of a plan for the interpretation of the local landscape of the municipality of Mošćenička Draga were identified. In the next faze indentified stakeholders were invited to cooperate within the established working group “LINK-LAB Mošćenička Draga”. The first stakeholder meeting was held on October 27 as part of the first design workshop. The workshop brought together representatives of more than 10 local stakeholders. LINK – LAB was joined by representatives of all active associations from the municipality, as well as representatives of the Tourist Board, Učka Nature Park and investors in the golf project. The topic of the first working meeting was the collection of data, opinions and attitude of the local community on the thematic of local landscape. Under the guidance of experts in heritage interpretation and landscape, important landscape elements had been identified, but before that the landscape of the municipality has been critically examined and the answers to the question: “What are the negative elements in the landscape?” were given. Spatial planning, overcrowded beaches, insufficiently marked hiking and biking trails and wild dumps are some of the elements pointed out by the participants.

In addition to the workshop, field visits were organized by external associates. Data collected on field visits and workshops created a database of landscape elements. The next workshop planned for early November 2021 will focus on toponyms in the maritime and land landscape.