On 28/02/2022, the Early Childhood Education, Social Policy and  Sports Agency of Serres Municipality –  O.P.A.K.P.A, organized the thematic field of the 2nd workshop. During this workshop, the presentation of Cultural and Traditional elements of the Prefecture of Serres was presented. During the event the stakeholders focused on:
– the identification of the Points of Interest of the Prefecture for the creation of landscape maps
– the evaluation of landscape elements
– mapping of landscape elements

The stakeholders presented the monuments of religious interest with reference to the dynamics contained in the Pilgrim Tourism for the improvement of the general touristic image of the area, the archaeological sites and monuments and the historical monuments of the Municipality of Sintiki. Finally, the president of the “Public Benefit Company of the municipality of Serres” mentioned the importance of recording cultural associations on a digital platform. In the context of her presentation, she presented the digital cultural map of the Municipality of Serres, referring to the idea, its implementation with the participation of more than 50 associations as well as the difficulties that were presented, in order to successfully complete the project.